BGMI Re-Turns After Ban in 2022: Govt will monitor It for 3 Months | Indian Gaming Community Celebrates (May 2023)

Krafton has officially stated that the game will soon be available for download. The game was banned in country last July 2022 Over security concerns.

BGMI Re-Turns : Govt will monitor It for 3 Months  | Indian Gaming Community Celebrates (May 2023)
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CEO of Krafton India said on BGMI : BGMI Re-Turns

“We are highly grateful to the Indian authorities for allowing us to resume operations of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). We would like to extend our gratitude to our Indian gaming community for their support and patience over the past few months. We are excited to announce that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available for download soon and we cannot wait to welcome you back to our platform. We believe in the power of gaming to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences,” Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, said in a press statement.

When will BGMI be available for download?

A precise release date is not yet provided in the statement. But the change does not represent a total about-face. India’s Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, said in a tweet that the decision was reversed as part of a “3-month trial” that had been granted after Krafton addressed concerns about server locations and data security. Concerned authorities will closely monitor concerns of user injury and addiction throughout this time. The game may be banned once again if any rules are discovered to be broken.

There are also rumours that before Krafton can proceed with the BGMI re-launch in the nation, it would need to meet a particular set of requirements. One of these requirements is to place a daily time restriction on BGMI in order to prevent addiction, particularly in youngsters, albeit there hasn’t yet been any official notification addressing this. This is comparable to China’s own three-hour limit for Krafton’s other well-known game, PUBG Mobile, which has a similar time limit. After PUBG was outlawed in India, BGMI was established.

BGMI Re-Turns : Govt will monitor It for 3 Months  | Indian Gaming Community Celebrates (May 2023)
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Initially, BGMI will be accessible for a three-month period, during which it will be closely monitored by government officials. Additionally, the game will undergo certain adjustments, including the incorporation of a time limit and changes to the color of blood in the gameplay.Reports indicate that the government has lifted the ban on the game for a temporary duration of three months, during which government officials will monitor and analyze its operations. Should the game violate any of the country’s regulations during this period, it risks being banned again. However, if it successfully passes the monitoring phase without any issues, there is a high possibility of it obtaining a permanent unbanned status.

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